Saturday, July 31, 2010

Limestone Bay Trading Company

One of my students from last year gave me a gift certificate to Limestone Bay Trading Company which her Gigi owns. It is located in historic Mooresville, Alabama. Mooresville is the oldest incorporated town in Alabama (1818). The Limestone Bay Trading Company was built in 1908 and has been a shoe store, general store and now a restaurant.

The food was delicious! I had a chicken salad sandwich, broccoli salad and homemade cheesecake. Liberty kept us entertained while we waited for our food. She lives next door so she took many trips back and forth bringing things she had gotten for her birthday to show us. When she brought over her new backpack to show us, Bryson had to model his as well. We took pictures at the end of lunch and Liberty made sure her new iPod could be seen!

Mooresville is also home to the oldest operational post office in Alabama and one of the oldest church of Christ buildings.

Mooresville is a neat town and I look forward to visiting again soon!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lots Of Fish And A Duck

School starts back in about a week so Cary and I decided to take a quick trip up to Chattanooga. It is my favorite day trip place to go. Since we have a membership at the Aquarium, we always stop there first. Today it was very crowded so we didn't stay too long.

I love watching the jellyfish!

My absolute favorite part of the Aquarium is the penguins. My dream is to go to Antarctica, sit on an iceberg and have penguins surround me! Last winter Cary and I did a behind the scenes tour of Penguin Rock and got to see the newest baby penguin, Pepper. Today we were able to get a little glance at the latest unnamed baby penguin. If you look closely, you can see it under his Mama. She is in a protective glass enclosure to keep the other penguins away. We learned at our behind the scenes tour that the other penguins tend to be aggressive with their care of the new baby and many times end up killing it.

There were also a couple of penguins busy building their rookeries. Looks like more penguin babies are on the way!
We have always talked about going on one of the Duck Tours. Today we drove by and decided today would be the day. The "Ducks" are land and boat vehicles which were used with not much success during World War II. After riding in the river in one today, I can see why. They are very slow! It was an interesting ride. The best part was entering the river. We went super fast down a long ramp into the water. It was like being on a roller coaster. The kids on board got to take turns driving the boat. A little four year old boy did the best job!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

We are under heat advisory here so what better way to spend an afternoon than at Kids' Space. It sure was hot!

After we played for awhile, we headed to Big Spring Park. The geese were happy to see us! I don't think many people have been feeding them since it has been so hot. Have you ever seen geese run? When we got there they came running to us! It scared us because we were suddenly surrounded by geese who were only interested in eating our bread. I have never seen so many geese at the park before. We finished feeding the ducks and fish from the safety of the Japanese Bridge.
So many hungry geese!

Shirts and Skins

There are two ways to ride your bike--with or without clothes!
One prefers only underwear while the other is a bit more modest.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid!

Today I went with my Mom to take two of my nephews to Chuck E Cheese. They always enjoy playing the games. Bryson loves to play basketball and is pretty good at it. Blaine enjoyed playing Guitar Hero with me. I was pretty good once I figured out what to do.
Here is Bryson with his left hook.
Bryson got his picture made with Chuck E. Cheese a couple of times. When we went to the stage to get a close up view of Chuck E. Cheese, he told be he loved Chuck E, but did not like the big scary purple monster. He also said we needed to take Chuck E's shirt off and wash it! It did look a little ratty and I noticed that the purple monster's head was about to pop off. I think it is time for some new robots.
Of course, the best part is cashing in your tickets. Blaine and Bryson combined theirs for a total of 198. That will buy a lot of junk!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Robert Maxwell

I got my dog Max while I was still in college. I just happened to be leaving the country for Brazil the next week so I surprised my parents with a new puppy! I just could not say no to this cute face. I bought him at a mall pet store (luckily he had only been there a few hours) and paid way too much for him! I am glad I did though! He is a great dog and he loves his Momma!

Max loves his buddy Chandler!

SciQuest Fun

Before I left for Europe, I was able to go to SciQuest with my Mom and the boys. Everyone had a great time!

Bryson was fascinated with the tornado machine.
Even Brayden enjoyed making extra large bubbles!