Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pe-paw's Farm

Four Generations

Robert Cyron Trammell Jr., Robert Cyron Trammell III, Stephen Patrick Trammell and Bryson Kade Trammell

Amish-Ethridge, TN

On Saturday, we went up to Ethridge which is just outside Lawrenceburg where Pe-paw lives. First stop, was Big John's (Lawrenceburg famous) Bar-B-Que. Bryson enjoyed his "spicy" orange drink. Stephen and Pe-paw enjoyed Cheese Steak sandwiches and the rest of us had barbeque. It was pretty good!

Next we were on the lookout for Mennonites. We knew we were close when we saw this sign!

Our first stop was here:

It was a genuine junky flea market! I am not sure why it was an "Amish" flea market because we only saw one Amish gentleman. It was blazing hot so after a quick photo of Daddy and Son wearing matching Pink Floyd t-shirts we continued on a self-guided drive of the area. They had wagon tours that would be fun to do when it is not so hot.

You can tell a farmhouse is Amish when there are no curtains and no electrical lines running to the house. I think it would be fun to be Amish, but only for a long weekend!