Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alabama vs. Penn State

Cary and I were lucky enough to have tickets to the AL vs. Penn State game last weekend. I had been looking forward to this game since last season. We arrived in Tuscaloosa early enough to beat the crowds and have time to walk around for a while. We always park near the high school so it is not a long walk to the stadium.

We headed to the Quad and passed the chimes and President's House on the way. It was very crowded with lots of activity. Kenny Stabler was also there signing autographs I didn't want wait in line, but Cary snuck a few pictures.
We walked back to our car to get rain gear just as it began to pour down rain. We both got wet so I had to buy a new Alabama cap from the bookstore to cover up my nasty soaked hair! We headed to the stadium and looked at the National Championship coaches statues. Nick Saban has a spot now, but they don't have his statue up yet.
Bear Bryant
Gene Stallings
We had great seats! Here is our section from the field.
We walked down to the field level and watched the players warm up and the potential prospects parade in and out. We also saw Mrs. Saban. I was disappointed that Mark Ingram was not going to be playing, but he was on the field for warm ups. I am always amazed at how big Julio Jones is because he does not look so big on tv. He is very tall and has some massive muscles!
Mark Ingram
Before the game, Nick Saban, Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno meet at the 50 yard line to shake hands. I had been waiting to see Paterno all year! (You can see them better on the jumbo tron than the actual picture.)
Our view of the jumbo tron from our seats. You can see how packed the stadium was for the game. Unfortunately, I was sitting my a very large (but nice) older gentleman that took up his space and mine! It was a good things we had a aisle seat because half of Cary's rear end was hanging off!
Big Al
The Million Dollar Band
Coin Toss and Kick Off
The game ended with a victory for Alabama!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Biblical Antiquities Center

As part of our teacher inservice for the year, we visited the Biblical Antiquities Center in LaGrange, Georgia on August 28th. We started with a typical Passover meal. We had a guide that spoke as we ate about the food and customs of the time. While we did not recline to eat as they would have during the Bible times, they did have an area set up for us to see just how Jesus and the Apostles probably ate their Passover meal. The meal consisted of bitter herbs dipped in salt water, tortillas to represent the unleavened bread, fruit, nuts, meat, hummus, a sweet paste and a few other things. I thought everything was delicious!
After our meal, we took a tour of the area they have created to represent various stories from the Bible. We started out at a sheep hair tent that would have been typical of those living in the desert. There was also an oasis to represent how important water was and is to people.
This is a typical threshing floor and the tools used to thresh the wheat.
These are typical tombs of both the Old and New Testament times.
This is a typical house would have looked like during the time of Jesus. It was very small and dark.
Crosses similar to what is believed tp be the type of cross Jesus was crucified on.
A press and well
A rooster to remind us of when Peter denied Jesus.
I thought one of the most interesting things was seeing what a typical manger would have looked like during the time of Jesus' birth. It was not a wooden structure that we generally think of.