Friday, November 26, 2010

Havoc Hockey

There is not much to do on Thanksgiving night so we all headed to the hockey game. I had not been to a game since the Channel Cats and I will say that I was very disappointed. The Havoc has no where near the talent that the Channel Cats had and the game was just not as exciting. There were just a few fights and the referees were quick to break them up. During the first break, there was turkey bowling! I had seen this on tv before, but never in real life. The person takes a frozen turkey and throws it across the ice to knock down the pins. The guy who knocked them all down, apparently is some sort of turkey bowling champion. Who knew there was such a thing!

The mascots of the Havoc are Chaos and his little brother Ruckus. They were always quick to entertain on the ice.

Bryson spent part of the time with me in my lap. He was wound up! I think it had something to do with the six brownies he had eaten earlier in the day!

Here are some shots of the hockey players. I don't even know who the players are any more. They were were wearing special Thanksgiving Day jerseys that they were to auction off after the game. Unfortunately, the game ended in a loss for the Havoc.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving Day at my Mom's house with lots of relatives. Everyone from my Dad's side of the family was able to be there along with Grandmother and Cary. It was a day of good food and great company. The two littlest cousins enjoyed catching up with each other and running around the yard. If only I had a little of that energy!
The only ones not excited about Thanksgiving were the dogs. They think it is terrible when they have to stay outside! I walked up to the fence and Max started howling like he was being mistreated.

I needed a new picture of the boys so they graciously posed of me.

Here are all of the great-grandsons. Boys seem to run in our family. I only have one girl cousin on my Dad's side of the family.
 Here is Pe-paw with all his kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Daddy always tries to get out of getting his picture taken, but he can never escape my camera!

Can't you just see the love between these two?

The weather was perfect! It was a great day to eat and then head outside to visit and play.

Stephen and I spent lots of time when we were growing up climbing in the trees. Blaine easily climbed up in the ginkgo tree and Bryson was not far behind. Of course, he needed a little assistance from his Mom.

There are still lots of colorful leaves on the ground to play in.

I was trying to get a picture of Stephen and Sara. Blaine thought it would look cool if he was throwing leaves up in the air for the picture. Didn't work out quite like he planned, but I love this picture of Blaine being goofy in the background!

It is always a good time for a little wrestling match!

Grandmother had a big day and was worn out by the time it was time to take her back home.

I am thankful for many things this Thanksgiving Day. First, for my family and friends.I have a great family and wonderful friends to spend time with. Second, for the freedom we have in the United States of America. I am reminded of this every time I leave the country. As much as I love to travel, there is nothing like going through customs in the US and the agent saying "Welcome Home". Today as we were standing outside talking with my Pe-paw, he began telling us about War World II which he fought in. I can't imagine how scared he was as a twenty year old man, walking up the streets and passing countless dead American and German soldiers on the side of the road. I am thankful for the sacrifices of the soldiers long ago and those still serving today. I am thankful for living in a country where I can worship God as I please. I am thankful for Madison Academy where I grew up and continue to teach. I am thankful for all the sweet children who are in my class or who I see each day at school. I am thankful for my little dog who keeps me warm at night. I am thankful for plenty of food to eat. Today as we stood outside a hungry man came up and asked if he could rake the yard for some food. I could tell that he was hungry so I went in and made him three ham sandwiches. He had them almost eaten up before he was out of sight. I can't imagine not knowing where my next meal would come from. I am thankful for my sight. Having a grandmother who is blind makes be appreciate all the little things I see each day that many take for granted. I am thankful for a warm house, nice clothes and a car that gets me places.
Psalm 100:4

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Memories of Christmas Past

Every year when I was growing up, my Me-maw would buy an ornament for me for Christmas. Since she is no longer with us, this tree helps keep her close during the holidays. This is the last picture I have with her on her last Thanksgiving.

I call this my childhood tree as it holds all the ornaments I received during my childhood. Even though it is a collection of all types of ornaments and is by no means a "fancy" tree, it is my favorite tree that I put up each year!

Here are some of my favorite ornaments on the tree.

Of course, Max thinks I put up every Christmas tree for him. He immediately snuggled up with the tree skirt as I was putting up the tree and quickly went to check it out when everything was finished!

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Yesterday was another great day to go feed the ducks and geese! I think the geese were missing all the attention they probably got over the weekend because they were ready to attack the bread. We had to seek refuge on the Japanese bridge.