Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Busy Day In Hong Kong-Part 2

We continued with our busy day in Hong Kong with a visit to the Aberdeen Fishing Village. There are hundreds of sampans and houseboats that line the water. We were lucky enough this time to get to visit a houseboat. It sure didn't make me want to live on a boat any time soon!

 This was the houseboat we were able to go in.

This is the fish market where all the fishermen bring their fish.

Next up was the Stanley Market. It is a huge market where you can find anything from electronics, souvenirs, clothes, toys and anything else you could possibly want to buy!

The view back into Hong Kong was beautiful. Lots of nice homes, beaches and parks.

We were able to go to the laser show in the harbor. It was raining when we walked down to get our spots, but the rain stopped just in time to see the show.

Our last stop for the night was the Women's Market. It is a night market that has lots of cheap souvenirs. I was able to pick up a few last minute items. On the walk there, we saw this giant snail that would make a great meal for someone.

There was lots of packing and journal reading when we finally headed back to the hotel. This would be our last night in China!

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