Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Full Day In Shanghai

We had a very full day in Shanghai on July 6th. From the beginning of the day to late at night, our day was full of many adventures!
Cary and I woke up early to walk on the Bund. I always like to watch the older gentlemen flying their kites and there are always lots of people exercising.

We were able to visit the Qixing Special Education School. The students were so sweet and loved interacting with our students.

I love the streets in China where you can see laundry hanging out to dry, fresh fruit stands with brightly colored fruits, cute babies, and lots of traffic!

Next we headed to the silk factory where they showed us how to make silk. I scored about 50 silk cocoons, but ended up only bringing home ten because they smelled so bad! I also am the proud owner of some very expensive silk pajamas. I got a little confused at the discount and conversion. Needless to say, the pajamas are the most expensive item to wear that I have ever owned.
This sign is an example of some bad English translating! Does it make sense to you?

For lunch, we went to a Mongolian grill. You choose your meats (chicken, beef, lamb, pork), vegetable and sauce and they cook it for you. Mine was not so good. I think I didn't use enough seasonings.

It is always interesting to see what can fit on a bike!

We went to a grocery store in order for the students to buy items for a local nursing home. While the students were in the grocery store, the leaders headed down the street to a real market. Apparently, it was nap time for the vendors!

Fresh crab

A bag full of frogs ready to be taken home

The bird area was interesting. You choose from a variety of birds for your dinner. They are then slaughtered on site and ready to be taken home. I could not eat my dinner if I had to look it in the eyes!

And a typical Chinese grocery store looks like home!

We went to a local nursing home to drop off the items the students had purchased. This sign is the "theme" of Shanghai!

The Nursing Home

I was fascinated with this guy's eyebrows!

The students were able to do some dancing with some of the older people in the community.

Lots of people trying to get home!

I liked this picture because it shows the older homes of Shanghai along with the tall new apartment buildings.

We were able to meet with some Chinese acrobats before the show. The students were able to learn how to use a Chinese yo yo as well as how to juggle with hats. I just really wanted to go inside the ball of steel.
We ate dinner at Pizza Hut before returning for the show.

After the show, we took the group down to the Bund to see the buildings lit up. I love Shanghai at night!


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