Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kun Opera In Suzhou

We started our last morning in Suzhou (July 8) by touring a Kun Opera House and Museum. Kun Opera is a traditional Chinese performing art. I am not a fan! Any opera is not my favorite, but Chinese opera sounds somewhat like cats dying! The students enjoyed getting to interact and perform and it was a good opportunity to see a very short version of Kun opera.

This was one of our breakfast dishes! I am not sure what it was suppose to be!

Our hotel had a beautiful garden.

Lots of watermelon and grapes being sold on the streets.

This is how they sort the mail in China-right on the street!

I thought the bird cage on this bike was so intriguing. If I lived in China and had a bike AND had a bird, I would definitely get a bird cage for my bike!

Another cute little boy

This was a wedding car.

Traffic was just as bad in Suzhou as the rest of China. Remember that all traffic laws are negotiable!


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