Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

This year, I celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve Eve. We enjoyed brunch and opening presents! I tried to get a nice picture of Bryson in front of the Christmas tree, but he insisted that he be held upside down!

Stephen and I gave my parents a weekend trip to Gorham's Bluff. I hope they enjoy it!

The boys got lots of things!

We worked on decorating a gingerbread house. I ended up decorating most of it.

Even with all the new toys, most of the afternoon was spent playing with the iPads.

I tried to get a simple picture of the boys together which ended up in them fussing and fighting with each other. The last picture was the best one I got. At least, it shows their true personalities!
Brayden was a good sport!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!
That evening we all headed to eat and to see The Muppets. I was a huge Muppets fan growing up so this movie was a little disappointing. It was too slow at the beginning and most of the songs were a little cheesy. However, the Muppets were able to save their old studio from an evil oil tycoon and Miss Piggy and Kermit were reunited at last!

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