Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Grade Goes To Italy

My school participates in a program called Passport Club. We are the only school in Alabama that is currently using this program. The goal is to teach the students over a five year period to identify all the countries of the world as well as some of the capitals. Twice a year, we emphasize a particular part of the world school-wide in elementary. In the past, we have focused on Brazil, China, Australia and Egypt. This year we decided to focus on a few European countries. First grade focused on Italy. We transformed our hallway into Italy. My side was mainly focused on Venice, since I was to teach the students about the art and architecture of Italy. Cary even made me a gondola and I dressed as a gondolier.
 This was St. Marks complete with mosaic tile and stained glass windows.

 Our Murano glass and Burano lace shops.

 A Gelato Stand

 A restaurant where pasta and pizza are served.

 A Mask Shop

 A Fish Market

 Galileo's Telescope Shop

 A Vineyard

 Our Museum
We learned about DaVinci and Michelangelo. For Da Vinci, we learned that he painted the famous Mona Lisa wish "lives" in France. The kids drew a picture of where they would take Mona Lisa to make her smile. For Michelangelo, we learned about the famous Sistine Chapel and painted our masterpieces while lying on our backs and painting under the desk.

We also had a few things in the classroom. The kids made a Gladiator, Leaning Tower and pigeons to hang from the ceiling. Venice use to be known for having many pigeons in St. Mark's Square, but thanks to new laws, there are not as many. I am glad as I think pigeons are flying rats!

Each teacher had a presentation prepared and the students went from room to room to learn about places in Europe. They had to stop and get their passport stamps at each country. My kids really enjoyed the Vikings who arm wrestled in Denmark and the Tea Party in England. It was a great day!

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