Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello, Sunshine!

After the crazy winter weather we have had lately, I was ready to see the sun! It was such a nice day Saturday that we headed to the park to walk around. Unfortunately, everyone else decided that was a good ideas as well so the fish and ducks snubbed thier noses at our bread. We'll just put it in the freezer for another day.

I had never seen these albino fish. There were lots of them and they were big! But they were not hungry enough to eat the bread!

It was a gorgeous day! If only it would stay this way. I think it is going to be back to freezing later this week.

Have you ever wondered where the "Big Spring" ends? Cary and I followed the water all the way to the end. It just ends in a drainage ditch! Hopefully, with the new hotel development, the city will expand the park a little. The art museum has just about taken over!

There was an Indian wedding taking place at the Art Museum. Since the weather was so nice, they were getting their pictures made outside.

There are quite a few new sculptures around the park and the courthouse square. This one was interesting.

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to walk around Twickenham to look at the houses. We walked a different was this time and came upon this tablet.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Don't Come Around Here. . .


We had another round of snow last Friday. Luckily, it was not much and only delayed school for two hours. They are saying more snow is coming this week and the Farmer's Almanac says we will get 16 inches in February. It looks like it may be time to look at real estate in Hawaii!

Happy 97th Birthday Grandmother

My Grandmother celebrated her 97th birthday on January 21st. We had a little birthday celebration for her at church yesterday afternoon.

My Mom had a table set up with pictures of the family including my Great-Grandparents and my Grandmother's great-great grandchildren.
She has two daughters, six grandsons, one granddaughter (me), four great-granddaughters, four great-grandsons and four great-great granddaughters. Wow!

Abby Grace celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday. Grandmother adopted Kaylee, Abby and Jack as "extra grandchildren" when she moved here.

Bryson being silly! I don't think he ended up eating much cake, but he sure liked the chips and peanuts!

It is hard to believe that Kaylee will be thinking about high school this time next year! I have already told her that I would chaperone the prom.

Sara and Rhonda cut and served the cake.

I love this picture of my Grandmother. It shows what she does best--talk!

My oldest cousin, Tyke, surprised my Grandmother by coming down from St. Louis. His two daughters, Heather and Hillary, also came form Nashville with their little girls. It was the first time that Grandmother had meet her youngest two great-great granddaughters and she was so excited and proud!
Kathleen and Anna

Emma, Kathleen and Anna with Grandmother

Tyke, Heather, Hillary and the three great-great granddaughters

Abby wanted to cut the cake so bad!

Anna Claire

Kathleen Grace

Bryson really enjoyed playing with Emma. When she came, he thought she wouldn't be able to run very fast with her polka dotted pants on. He found out that she is a pretty fast runner!

I hope my Grandmother had a great time celebrating with her family and friends!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

The King's Speech
Well, this has officially been the longest weekend of my life since we were unexpectedly out of school for a week! By the end of the week, I was ready to get out of the house. I do not like to stay home! Cary and I headed to Bridge Street Friday afternoon to go see The King's Speech. I had been looking forward to seeing it and had even planned on going to Nashville to see it if it did not make it to Huntsville. Since I am a lover of all things royal (I will never get tired of visiting London.) and historical fiction, I loved the movie. There were only a handful of people in the theater and most were over the age of sixty. But since I am no action-packed, romance, 3-D movie fan, this movie was perfect for me.  Bridge Street was still recovering from the blizzard. The fountain was completely frozen. One crazy mom was letting her daughter walk on top of it. I was secretly wishing the ice would break and she would fall in the cold water because her mom was so stupid.

On Saturday, we headed out of town to Guntersville just to drive around and eat lunch. There were several spots on the lake that were still frozen and there was just enough snow left that it was quite beautiful.

We drove up to the Lodge for the view. Doesn't this look like a pool you would want to swim in?

It was cold!

When we were headed out, we saw a bunch of deer. A lady in her car was feeding them cheese balls and I think gum. The deer looked like it was getting ready to blow a bubble. Thanks to the crazy lady, we were able to get an up close view of the deer.

This Great Blue Heron was sitting on the ice when we drove up to the lodge and just happened to be in the same spot when we came back down. I was just quick enough with the camera to get a picture before it flew off.

I also did not know that the coke machine graveyard is in Guntersville.

Today, since we had one more day off from school, we headed to Nashville with my parents to visit the Frist Center of Visual Arts. They had a lovely collection called The Birth of Impressionism on loan from the Musee d'Orsay in Paris. I have been to Paris several times, but never made it to the Orsay. The exhibit featured works from some of my favorite artists including Whistler, Courbet, Manet, Renoir, Monet, Degas and many more. It was definitely worth the drive.