Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Walls of Jericho

Last Saturday, Cary and I headed to Jackson County to hike to the Walls of Jericho. We have been trying to go for a while. The first time was on Labor Day and I spent the morning in the Emergency Room with kidney stones. We tried to go a few weeks ago and it was raining. Saturday ended up being the perfect day! We left early and were ready to hike by 9:30am.

We were greeted by this lovely sign. We didn't think much about it until it was time to hike back!

It was a great hike down to the river. The water was flowing since we have been blessed with lots of rain this spring. There were even a couple of sinkholes and caverns to check out along the way.

We finally saw a glimpse of the river so we thought we were close.

I was not too crazy about this bridge. It looked like it was leaning and even though the water was not too deep, I didn't want to fall in. When I crossed the bridge, I found out that it really was leaning!

All along the trail, we saw lots of butterflies. They would just be sitting on the ground and wouldn't fly away when you got close.

The next bridge was even worse! You just had a rope to hold on to as you crossed. Again, the water wasn't deep, but I didn't want to fall in the and get wet!

After this bridge, the hike got a lot harder! We had to climb and the trail got a little slippery and narrow!

The long hike was worth it when we started seeing the "walls".

There were several waterfalls at the end of the trail. To get to them, you had to cross the water. It all started off innocently until I almost fell when I slipped on a rock and lost a sock in the water.

Cary went after my sock. He was able to fish it out, but ended up falling on the slippery rocks that had almost got me!

After we had a little snack, we crossed over and headed towards the big waterfall.

I got really excited when I saw more butterflies!

It was a very long uphill hike back to the car. At one point, I thought that I could not go any further and would have to spend the night on the trail.  We kept thinking we were close to the end and it would just be another hill to climb! I was so glad to finally see cars! It was definitely a place I would like to go back to, just not this weekend!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Around the Farm

I always enjoy going up to the farm. Today, we explored a little. First, we checked out the well. Then, Pe-paw showed us a letter he had gotten from an Amish gentleman who was interested in possibly buying his horse-drawn manure spreader. It was interesting that the man wrote for Pe-paw to let him know if he wouldn't be home on the day mentioned. Since Amish people do not have telephones, my Pe-paw would have had to write him back if he was not available then. Since none of us younger folks knew what a manure spreader was, we took a field trip to the barn to see it. While we were there, we looked around and even went up to the hay loft. There was nothing interesting up there except for Pe-paw's new television's box and a mummified mouse.

When I saw this bike, I immediately thought of the show American Pickers. Pe-paw said he watched it every time he could. I am sure that they could do a little picking on the farm.

Here are a few more things I want to remember at the farm.

The best part of the day was when I got to drive my Pe-paw's tractor. I just got on it to sit and my Uncle Tim asked me if I wanted to drive it. Since, I only know how to drive an automatic car, Tim had to help me out. I drove in a slow circle in first gear around the pasture. It was a great ride!

I think I could be a farmer!

Happy Easter

After church services this morning, we headed up to Lawrenceburg to celebrate Easter with my Pe-paw. We always have fun at the farm!
Not long after lunch, the little boys were ready for a tractor ride. Of course, I never miss a ride either and had to run to catch up after quickly changing out of my church clothes.

Jayden wanted Pe-paw to keep going through the mud, but Bryson wanted to stay out of the mud because he was afraid we would get stuck!

Next, it was time to play a little ball with Laura. The boys took turns kicking and throwing the football. I think there may be a future as a quarterback for Bryson. He has got a great arm!

Cary, Bryson and I went out in the field to get a closer look at the cows. There were lots of calves and it was a great day for the cows to be bathing in the pond.

Bryson was excited to find a real "Easter Egg" in the field!

Finally, it was time to hide and hunt Easter Eggs. Unfortunately, Jayden had already left so Bryson had to hunt the eggs by himself. He had fun hunting and then hiding them for us.

It was a wonderful Easter with family!