Sunday, September 11, 2011

Madison Academy Remembers 9/11

As I arrived at school Friday morning, I was greeted by hundreds of white paper bags decorated with flags and stars from the littlest ones and prayers by the older students. The practice field was covered with over 2,000 American flags. (More would be added by the students to represent all those who lost their lives on 9/11.) There was a giant flag hanging by the elementary entrance and I couldn't help but remember that day almost ten years ago.

This year, we had a very special celebration at Madison Academy to remember the events of 9/11. Our school chose to place an emphasis on celebrating our country with the little ones. It was a fun day to celebrate our country! We started the day as we normally do with chapel. Our chapel was dedicated to America and we said the pledge and sang the Star Spangled Banner as we do each morning. While it was an exciting time for the little ones because we were soon going to be in a parade, it was the adults who most needed this day.

My class had made special hats and necklaces and everyone had on a red, white and blue shirt. Each child was given a flag to wave and the excitement could barely be contained. We were going to be in a parade!

The first graders got to the lead the procession of elementary students down to Little Madison Academy where we would join the LMA students, a band and a firetruck. The students sang patriotic songs, and chanted "USA" and "I LOVE AMERICA!" as we walked along. 

After parading around the school, we followed the fire truck to the practice field so we could place our flags with the others. None of my first graders were alive on 9/11 and it is hard for them to understand. As I was watching the children place their flags, I saw one of my students praying with his mom for all the children who had lost their mommies and daddies that day. As tears rolled down her cheeks, her little boy waved his flag in excitement. 

After everyone had placed their flag, I had my students sit around me and we talked about all the children who lost a mom or dad that day. I then had the children pray with me as we thanked God for our country and all those children who lost moms and dads that day. I was so thankful to be a part of Madison Academy where I can pray with my students every day!