Monday, November 28, 2011

Galaxy Of Lights

Thanksgiving weekend, we began the Christmas season with a trip to the Galaxy of Lights at the Botanical Gardens. Apparently, the people at the garden have visited Santa's Village and have added a few new features. You now begin at Santa's Pit Row (Aviation Challenge) which is complete with a visit to Santa, marshmallow roasting, reindeer, ornament and cookie making, fake snow and a gift shop. Bryson enjoyed playing in the snow and making the ornament.

Bryson was not too sure about talking to Santa. He wanted me to go up there with him, but I told him that I was too old! He did go up by himself. However, I am not sure he ever said anything to Santa!

The garden was lit up beautifully as always. Bryson thought it was awesome that he could get out of his carseat and stick his head out of the window like a dog! Here are some of my favorite lights this year.

I love how excited Bryson was in this picture!

The icicle forest is my favorite part of the Galaxy of Lights.

I am so excited that the holidays are finally here! I plan to fill the time with lots of fun Christmas activities!

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a pretty low key Thanksgiving this year. I headed to Murfressboro to eat. Bryson and Jaden were too busy with the iPad and the iPod to worry about socializing with anyone!

Pe-paw had his top teeth pulled to make way for dentures so he didn't want to smile for the picture!

Bryson even brought his bike!

Max felt like I did after a big meal!

Since Cary didn't go with me to Murfressboro this year, we headed out to the movies Thanksgiving night. We first stopped at Old Navy since they were open and I bought a black party dress, a green sweater and boxers for Cary all for great deals. Then we headed to the dollar movie which is really $1.50 to see The Help. I did not enjoy the movie nearly as much as the book which is probably why I don't bother to go to movies that often.

I am thankful for another wonderful year with family and friends!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rewind: Trunk Or Treat

Each year, our church does Trunk or Treat for the kids. I thought this year, there were way too many visitors that were only interested in getting candy. I ran out of candy before all the kids from church had come by. I just took a few pictures, but they were pretty cute!

The surprise of the night for me was that I found a real, live Black Widow spider in my jack-o-lantern when I turned it on! It had been sitting on my front porch!

Saturday, November 12, 2011



Chattanooga, TN

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alabama VS. LSU

Yesterday was a gorgeous day to head to Tuscaloosa for the big game! Cary and I got an early start so I could stop by Southern Tradition at school. I was able to quickly go in and choose a few bracelets before hitting the road. 
We stopped outside of Birmingham to eat a little brunch at the Waffle House. We met Marquis Maze's pastor who happened to be wearing an Auburn hat. He did wish us good luck and say hi to Marquis. Too bad, we didn't have a chance to chat with him!
Once we got into Tuscaloosa, we stopped by Cary's brother's house. They had quite a few visitors so we didn't stay long. We headed to campus early so we could get a good park and have time to walk around. We found our "ticket connection" in the Tutwiler parking lot. At first, he gave us tickets in the upper deck. Then a few minutes later, he traded them out for better seats (or so we thought).
We walked to the Quad to see the Guinness Book of World Record's gumbo cook off. We just happened to be there when the celebrities were stirring the pot. 
I was excited to see the beautiful Sela Ward who is a graduate of Bama. Governor Bentley was there, but I am not a huge fan of him so I am not posting his picture.

We were also able to get our picture made with the Coaches' Trophy.

The Quad was so packed. It kind of smelled like Jack Daniel's and not in a good way!

We decided to walk down to the Bear Bryant museum since we had plenty of time.
Here I am with the Bear!

We ran into our area director for People to People on the way back from the museum. He is a former Alabama football player and helped stir the gumbo earlier in the day. We found out our tickets weren't too far from him so we figured they were A Club tickets. After picking up a few cheap shirts and getting our coats from the car, we headed to the stadium. We had waited a few minutes to see the players walk in, but figured we were too far back to see anything.
It was the biggest crowd that I have ever seen in Tuscaloosa. Every single seat was filled in the stadium!
We had awesome seats! This is our view of the field not zooming in! However, we were actually in the LSU section. Our seats were right beside the tubas in the LSU band and two rows up from the LSU fans. It made for an interesting evening!

And here are our neighbors for the game. At least they were a pretty good band!

The team came out for warm-ups and the crowd started getting pumped up for the big game!

I was expecting great things from Bama. However, after the third missed field goal, we knew we were in for a close game! There were no big plays from either team and neither team had scored a touchdown during the first half.

I was hoping that Bama would come out pumped up after the half, but we still didn't score!

I was hoping that we wouldn't have to go into overtime. After another failed field goal, it was our game to lose. While I still think Alabama is overall the better team, it was just not our day! I am hoping to go back down in a few weeks to watch a game with a better outcome! Roll Tide!