Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cave Adventures

Bryson had told me that he wanted to visit a cave so being the good aunt that I am, I arranged for that to happen. On Friday, we headed to Cathedral Caverns. When I first went to pick him up, he wasn't too sure that he really wanted to visit a cave. He thought that it might be scary. I think he was really glad that he decided to go because he had a great time and was very well behaved!

We got there in time to explore a little before our tour. We found a trail to walk on and even had Puppy pose for some pictures. And yes, Puppy went through the cave with us!

Bryson wanted me to take a picture of him showing how excited he was that we were finally in the cave!

Bryson's favorite parts were the Mystery River and the Frozen Waterfall. Although, I don't think he ever understood that it was not a real frozen waterfall, just rocks that looked like a frozen waterfall.

I told him that I wanted to take a picture of him in the cave and this is what I got!

The only time he got a little scared was when they turned all the lights off. I had to hold him and he is nearly as big as me! They did have cool lasers this time that Bryson thought were really fun so it was not totally dark for long.

He was so good that he got to choose a small pet to buy. He chose to get a wolf which he named Wolfie. We really need to work on being more original with names!

After the cave, we drove back to town and met Cary for lunch. After all that walking, Bryson was very hungry and ate every bite of his food. We then went to feed the ducks and fish at the park. Since you can no longer feed them bread, it costs a lot more to feed them. Bryson waited patiently for the quarters!

We saw a huge muskrat while we were waiting to get food! I wonder how he feels about not this new park diet!

We tried to get a picture of the three of us, but Bryson was being so, so silly! By the way, in the background you will see Huntsville's Circus School. They were juggling, had Chinese yo-yos and even a unicycle!

This is my favorite one. It looks like Bryson is kicking me in the face and Cary is just laughing about it!

We ended the day by visiting Granny for some chocolate ice cream!

I am thankful to be able to spend time with my favorite little boy!

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