Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shopping For A Dress

The next big thing on my to do list for the wedding was taken care of yesterday...the dress!
One store had been recommended by several people, Madison Town and Country, so that is where I headed first with a good friend and her daughter. Upon entering the store, I told the girl what I was envisioning and she sent me to the "destination wedding" dresses. And in reality, my wedding will be the perfect destination.
I quickly picked out eight dresses to try on. One I didn't even make out of the dressing room in and the rest were easy to decide if they were going to make the short pile or not. I finally settled on three to choose from. This one I really liked on and it was a perfect vintage feel, but it was way too expensive and a little too formal for me. (The ribbon color would have been changed.)

This one made me look like a mermaid!

The bustline on this one just wasn't right for me.

This one made it to the last round, but I ultimately decided on another one.
(It is kind of hard to tell how it fits because it was a size 16!) 

I love my dress! The fit is pretty good except for the length and the bust area. I will go back a few months before the wedding to have it altered. Until then, they are storing it for me and I can visit it any time. I want my dress to be a surprise, but I can tell you that it is a dress and that I did get a veil. I know that Candy will be glad to hear that!

After less than one hour, I walked out of the store, one check mark closer to my wedding! Thanks Julie and Millie for helping me with this special day!

By the way, Millie was planning our wedding as I was trying on dresses. Let's be thankful that eleven year olds are too young to marry!

This afternoon we headed to Mooresville to eat lunch and pay all the deposits. It is official now!

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  1. Love all the pictures!! I loved the first dress and the mermaid pretty! Can't wait to see what you decided on. You will look beautiful. And hooray for a veil :)