Saturday, March 3, 2012

34 Things About Me

1. I share a birthday with Dr. Seuss and Jon BonJovi. As a first grade teacher, all the kids think it is cool that I have the same birthday as Dr. Seuss.
2. I have been to London four times and can't wait to go back two more times this year (June and December).
3. My bucket list is very, very long but at the top are visiting London at Christmas, going to Tibet and going somewhere that has penguins living in the wild. (Ideally, I would love to visit Antarctica, but realistically I may have to settle for Argentina.)
4. I have been to the equator (Ecuador), Prime Meridian (Greenwich, England) and Tropic of Capricorn (Australia).
5. I do not like chocolate, coke or anything with bones.
6. I am rarely sick. I have only missed school in 12 years of teaching twice for kidney stones.
7. I do not like doctors and have not been to a "real" doctor since 1996.
8. I have eaten cow testicles, octopus ink soup, raw fish eggs, hagus and crocodile. I liked all of them but the octopus ink soup and raw fish eggs.
9. I am highly allergic to penicillin.
10. I have never had a cavity.
11. When I played soccer, my nickname was "Tank".
12. My best friend died a few years ago and I still think about her every morning as I drive to school.
13. My Me-maw made the best mashed potatoes ever! No one can come even close! I miss my Me-maw a lot as well.
14. I had white mice for pets growing up. My favorite one was one named "Crooky". He had a crooked tail.
15. I had a hamster named Fat Boy. He was fat!
16. I got my dog at a pet shop in Nashville when I was going to get a cookie cake for Kaylee's first birthday. I was leaving the country for Brazil the next week. I am sure my parents were thrilled!
17. My dog sleeps with me every night. He lays his head on the pillow and gets under the covers just like a human. He is a little spoiled!
18. I have bought and paid for all my cars myself.
19. I am a neat freak, but never make my bed. Everything else in my house is very organized.
20. I would rather take a long bubble bath than a shower. I miss baths when I travel.
21. I have had Scarlett Fever.
22. I do not hold my pencil correctly, but I bet that I have better handwriting than you! It drives my principal crazy!
23. My favorite movie of all times is Annie.
24. When I was younger, I would read lots and lots of chapter books a week. Now, I only have time to read when I travel.
25. If I could get on a plane today and go anywhere I wanted, I would head back to China.
26. I walk almost every day and do at least 100 jumping jacks.
27. I take vitamins religiously. I think that is one reason I am never sick.
28. I have been to several major big cities of the world-London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Cologne, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney, Quito, etc. However, I have been to very few big cities in the US.  I would rather go out of the country anytime.
29. Cary and I will have dated for over six years when we get married. That is a long time!
30. I do not watch network television.
31. Our new house must have a fireplace!
32. I wake up very early every day (even on the weekends). I usually wake up by 3:30am and I am out of my bed usually by 4 during the week. I stay in bed a little longer on the weekends, but I still wake up early.
33. My dad makes me breakfast every morning when I drop of my dog for the day. I expect this to continue when I am married since Cary does not like to eat breakfast. (Hint! Hint!)
34. One of the best days of my life was when I had a penguin encounter and got to pet the penguins at Sea World!

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  1. Loved your list. I think it's cooler that you share a birthday with BonJovi! I am allergic to Penicillian and have had Scarlett fever too (while I was pregnant with Silas and guess what his name would have been if he were a girl? Yep, Scarlett. BUT in my defense we had the name picked out months before I got the fever). I've been to lots of US major cities and only to Mexico (by cruise) and Canada (by car). I am terrified of if it requires air miles, count me out!