Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Biking At The Beach

Cary and I decided to rent bikes for a half day yesterday. It was great exercise as well as a great way to visit the neighboring towns. On our first ride, we headed to our next door neighbors, Seaside and Watercolor.

While at Seaside, we enjoyed some key lime sorbet and lemon gelato and walked around the town square. We did find a great place to eat and headed back there today for lunch.
We headed back to Seagrove to eat lunch and next headed the other direction to a local state park. 

We were hoping to see a little wild life in the state park, but we only saw this lizard. 
He was showing off by doing lizard pushups.

The sand dunes were beautiful!

Can you tell we were both a little sweaty after miles of bike riding?

After going to the state park, we walked across the highway to a nature trail. It was a short trail that led us to this alligator swamp. We were hoping to see some gators, but again only saw some lizards.

Surprisingly, after riding bikes for the half the day, my legs were not a bit sore today! 
That is a good sign!

After a long bike ride, it was time to get back in the water!

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  1. Loved reading about your trip! The pictures cracked me up, especially the one with Cary buried after Bryson shoveled sand in his mouth. That boy! JC misses yall already. She told me "one more day until my BFF gets home". Your hat is super cute by the way :) Maybe you should wear it with your wedding dress...haha! Glad yall had fun, see ya soon!