Saturday, March 3, 2012

What A Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday and boy was it a crazy one! The day started off like any other day. I knew that there was a possibility of bad weather so I worked quickly with my first graders to get our weekly tests and Dr. Seuss book reports completed. Just as we were starting math, the high school principal came over the loud speaker to announce that we were under a tornado warning. So we headed downstairs where we are safe and proceeded to wait for about an hour. I headed upstairs at one point to get a movie for them to watch. We started out with one high school class, a fifth grade class, all three second grade classes and all three first grade classes along with teachers in one room. Needless to say, it was a little crowded and a lot noisy! Eventually, a few of the classes were relocated to other places. 
We were released to go upstairs just in time for lunch. The lunchroom always serves green eggs and ham on Dr. Seuss' birthday. One of my after school care kids had said it was in honor of my birthday. I said if I got to choose, we would not be having green eggs and ham! Beside, I never eat in the lunchroom! The kids were wound up because of all the excitement of the day. One of my parents brought cupcakes for the kids. After lunch, we had computer class and then PE. Then we were dismissed early before the next round of storms came through. I did find out before leaving that one of my former students lost his house. 
I headed straight to get gas because they were already talking about people being lined up for gas. As I was exiting the interstate, there was a motorcycle a few cars up that kept slamming on his brakes. He also had a women on the back who kept waving like she was in a beauty pageant. They turned in front of me into the parking lot of Books A Million and kept swerving all over the place while the girl was still just a waving. I finally was able to pass them. Well. . . he started honking his horn and ran up beside me. The girl started hitting my car and cussing at me as well as the guy. I never turned my head to look at them because I did not want to get killed. I do believe that they were either drunk, high on drugs or both. I decided to skip Costco and get away from these crazy people! Luckily, they did not try to follow me. I ended up at a sketchy Shell station. While I was trying to get gas, my 98 year old Grandmother called. She had tried to call a few times during the day, but I knew it would be hard to get her off the phone so I did not answer. Well, she could not hear me so I am sure the people at the gas station thought I was crazy because I had to keep yelling the same thing. She finally just gave up!
I got Max and headed home. We had planned on going out to eat but since there was still a threat of storms, we decided to cancel. Cary brought over Taziki's. We went for a walk after we ate, but due to lightning, we cut it short. I fell asleep on the couch early and Cary woke me up for my brother to wish me a happy birthday. He probably called before 8!
I got several nice things from a few students and Cary gave me an antique bracelet. It is very pretty!
I hope to celebrate my birthday today with my Bryson who is celebrating his 5th birthday today. 
Happy Birthday Bryson! 

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  1. Sorry about the incident with the motorcycle...Charlie and I just wanted to tell you "Happy Birthday"! :)