Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

My Easter weekend was wonderful! We were lucky enough to have Friday off so it made for an extra long weekend. I spent most of Friday helping out a good friend. Saturday we finally had some spring weather.  It was so nice to be outside working in yard, shopping at Bridge Street and taking a stroll around Twickenham. Saturday night we enjoyed a lovely Easter meal with Cary's family. Sunday after church we headed up to my Pe-paw's farm with my Dad's side of the family. The meal was delicious and the weather was wonderful!
My Pe-paw has a snowball tree in his front yard that is always so pretty. We missed the blooms by about a week, but I still wanted to get a few pictures in front of it. Of course, when we take the pictures ourselves, there are always more bad ones than good! By the way, notice how Cary's tie matches my dress. I planned that!

Everything was green on the farm!
  My cousin noticed that my Pe-paw had a contraption that looked like it was for balancing. Well, turns out that it was just for that! My Pe-paw proudly showed off his balancing skills. For an eighty-eight year young man, he is in remarkably good shape.

Of course, I was not to be outdone so I gave it a try as well!

Robert Cyron Trammell Jr.

Like father, like son.

Later in the afternoon, Cary decided that he would also not be outdone so he gave the balancing board a try! Nice job Cary!

I gave it one more try. I may have to make one for my house.

It was a great Easter on the farm!

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