Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Night At The Circus

I was excited to hear that the circus was coming back to town. I love the circus! Cary was able to get us pretty good seats considering we waited until late to buy tickets. We arrived just in time for the pre-show. After we signed up to win the elephant painting (which we did not win) and got our free clown noses, we headed to the area where I knew the elephant would be coming out to paint. I was able to get a front row. After watching the clowns, trained dogs and a lady spin on some hoops, the elephant finally came out!

The theme for the circus was Dragon and there was a lot of Chinese influence. In fact, I am sure we saw some of the Kung Fu guys at the school this past summer in China! They are impressive!

There were two high wire motorcycle riders which were impressive, but they were not my favorite.

I loved the tigers and lions! Although, some of the tigers were really grouchy! I would not have liked to have been the tamer in there with the angry tigers. The male lion acted as if he was bored the whole time. I believe that he was not ready for the circus act. 

The lion ended by standing on a disco ball and kissing the lion tamer. No thank you!

There was the cutest little boy sitting next to us that was very well behaved. He kept rubbing my arm and pointing to the things he liked. During intermission, we gave him one of the clown noses we had picked up. He also liked it when Cary wore his nose!

The trained animals were a treat and I could see Max being a circus dog if he had some good training.

The elephants are always my favorite!

And being real, someone has the job of catching the elephant poop and boy did it stink up the entire arena!

With the exception of the drama a few rows down, (We aren't sure what was going on, but it involved three women who drank too much being escorted out by the police.) the circus was a hit! The dragon was a disappointment and I think they could have tried a little harder to make it look like a real dragon. Everything else was great!

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