Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Morning Stroll On The Beach

Each morning, Cary and I enjoyed walking along the beach. We found lots of shells, including two whole small sand dollars. Cary had just commented that he had never found a whole one and I found one! Then later, Cary found one! There were lots of broken sand dollars along the shore. One morning, Cary found a hermit crab that we took back to the boys to watch for a day.

We also saw a few jellyfish in the water and on the shore. It is a good thing we didn't see any when we were swimming!

Beach Pictures

Here are a few of the pictures we took one night on the beach. The first one is actually my favorite one and it was the first one I took. Blaine and Bryson walked down with me to see if the sunlight was okay for pictures.

It sure is hard to get a lot people looking at the camera!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Biking At The Beach

Cary and I decided to rent bikes for a half day yesterday. It was great exercise as well as a great way to visit the neighboring towns. On our first ride, we headed to our next door neighbors, Seaside and Watercolor.

While at Seaside, we enjoyed some key lime sorbet and lemon gelato and walked around the town square. We did find a great place to eat and headed back there today for lunch.
We headed back to Seagrove to eat lunch and next headed the other direction to a local state park. 

We were hoping to see a little wild life in the state park, but we only saw this lizard. 
He was showing off by doing lizard pushups.

The sand dunes were beautiful!

Can you tell we were both a little sweaty after miles of bike riding?

After going to the state park, we walked across the highway to a nature trail. It was a short trail that led us to this alligator swamp. We were hoping to see some gators, but again only saw some lizards.

Surprisingly, after riding bikes for the half the day, my legs were not a bit sore today! 
That is a good sign!

After a long bike ride, it was time to get back in the water!

Sea Grove Beach-Day 2

Our first full day in Florida proved to be another gorgeous day!

We headed to church in Destin and after a lot of searching, we finally found the church. I think the fact that the church was in a house and not very well marked contributed to the fact that we had a hard time finding it! It was a very small congregation. After church, we headed to lunch where I enjoyed a delicious grilled fish sandwich. We quickly stopped at the Gap outlet where I found a really cute cobalt blue jacket for a great price along with a few other things. Once we got back to the condo, it was beach time! The afternoon was spent making sandcastles, flying kites. playing on the sandbar, digging holes and walking along the seashore.

The wind was so strong that flying the kites took hardly any effort.

Stephen, Cary, Bryson and I walked down to the lake.While the water was warmer, it looked pretty gross to me.

I am not sure what the guys are looking at here.

It is always good luck to see a weenie dog on a trip!

Some people made the hole bigger that we had used earlier to bury each other so we attempted to take a picture of the boys.

Another pretty sunset!

For dinner, Cary grilled hamburgers. The wind was strong so the fire was strong!